Low Code Platforms

Low Code platforms are gaining popularity in recent times. It’s all about you being able to visually create business applications with minimal or no coding. Empowering your business users to build applications or your developers to do more, but faster. With no doubt low code platforms are going to help your business a lot. Let us look at some of the key benefits you would be getting.

Accelerate App Development

With low-code platforms you get predefined automation assets and building blocks that are reusable and extendable. Using them as a base and developing on top of that means speeding up app development. Power Apps from Microsoft is a perfect example that accelerates building of business process related forms with low code while you use any data source as backend right from SharePoint to SQL.

Empower Business Users to Build Apps

There are a lot of platforms which are simple to use that even Business Users can go and create apps for them. When business users can transform their ideas in to an application, you get the best breed of apps. A department head build reports and insights for his own needs using Power BI delivers more value than he trying to explain and getting it done from a developer.

Rapid Integrations

These platforms takes in to account, your need of building integrations to your varied Line of Business applications and they provide you with ready-made templates to implement such integrations. So no more building api’s every time you need an integration. For example, Microsoft’s Power Automate platform provides you with hundreds of Power Automate Connectors which you can use to integrate with your other systems.

Reduced CapEx & OpEx

Whenever there is a Build vs Buy decision making is needed, it was always Buy that won traditionally. But with low code platforms that is changing. You can deliver apps faster than the traditional way of building apps involving your developers. Also these platforms are flexible that managing and upgrading them becomes easier helping you cut down your IT costs.

Reduced Shadow IT

With the constant demands for new applications from the business, the problem of Shadow IT becomes inevitable in current scenario. By choosing the right low-code platforms, allowing business users to create the much needed apps that are simple, having your IT build the complex apps will be the approach you may need to take going forward.

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