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Data-Driven Safety: Power of
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Rain Carbon Inc. stands as a prominent global producer of carbon-based products and advanced materials crucial to numerous industrial processes and manufactured goods. In response to the imperative for Safety Data Sheets (SDS) reports, a solution was conceived to efficiently manage a substantial volume of SDS generated through SAP. Collaborating with Rain Carbon Inc., our experts crafted a solution centred on integrating SAP with SharePoint Online to optimize SDS document management across the organization.

Challenges Faced​

Managing a significant volume of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) generated through SAP.

Ensuring compliance with regulations that require providing SDS as per regulatory standards.

Simplifying the management of a vast SDS document volume across the organization.

Our Solution​

In collaboration with Rain Carbon Inc., we designed a comprehensive solution to address the challenges faced:


Integrated SAP with SharePoint Online to streamline the management of SDS documents, optimizing accessibility and organization-wide compliance.


Established a central SharePoint library for uploading SDS documents, facilitating a centralized repository for efficient document management.


Integrated metadata such as product details and hazard classifications,
enhancing the categorization and search capabilities of SDS documents.


Implemented an efficient document search using SharePoint Enterprise search with metadata refiners, simplifying the retrieval of specific SDS documents.

Business Benefits Achieved

Regulatory Compliance

The solution ensured regulatory compliance by providing SDS documents as per standards, addressing the organization's obligation to regulatory requirements.

Enhanced Document Retrieval

Efficient document search with metadata refiners significantly improved the retrieval process, allowing users to find specific SDS documents swiftly.

Streamlined Processes

The integration of SAP with SharePoint Online streamlined SDS management processes, reducing manual efforts and enhancing overall efficiency.

Improved Accessibility

The centralized repository and integration with SharePoint Online improved accessibility to SDS documents, fostering better collaboration and information sharing across the organization.

Key Features System

Streamlined SDS Management

The integration of SAP with SharePoint Online streamlined the management of a substantial volume of SDS documents, ensuring accessibility and organization-wide compliance.

Central Repository

The central SharePoint library served as a unified repository for uploading, categorizing, and managing SDS documents, fostering a more organized approach.

Metadata-Driven Categorization

Metadata integration enhanced categorization based on product details and hazard classifications, facilitating efficient organization and retrieval.

This collaborative effort resulted in a tailored solution that not only met the immediate challenges faced by Rain Carbon Inc. but also provided a foundation for streamlined SDS management and enhanced compliance processes

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